SA can climb towards 4% growth in coming years, if constraints are addressed

Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection executive director Joel Netshitenzhe delivered the keynote address at the Black Business Summit on Monday, where he was optimistic of South Africa moving towards 4% in economic growth in the next two or three years, provided constraints are dealt with. His address reflected on the country’s political economy 30 years into democracy and asked “Where is South Africa headed in the next 30 years?” He noted various ongoing strategies that could ensure positive prospects for the country going forward. “These are elaborated in the Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan: the infrastructure programme; Master Plans for sectors with potential; a strategic African pivot in economic relations; and focussed attention to absorption of the unskilled and semiskilled through speedier land reform, low-end manufacturing and support for micro and informal enterprises,” he stated. However, he noted that it would take some time before these strategies had a significant impact. “…but the economy can climb towards 4% growth in the coming two to three years, if we are able to address the binding constraints,” he added.

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