Jiser: Creative Residencies for Young Visual Artists 2024–2025 (Spain, Tunisia, Algeria)

Jiser presents a new edition of the Creative Residencies 2024–2025, in collaboration with Elbirou Art Gallery (Sousse), Hangar (Barcelona), La Chambre Claire (Algiers) and Box24 (Algiers). This residency is aimed at young visual artists and cultural agents based in Spain, Tunisia and Algeria. Six young artists will be selected from these three territories and three local cultural agents, who will be called mediators and will be responsible for the mediation and coordination of the public programme.

In order for the artists to develop a personal artistic project in a collective working environment, each of them will spend two months researching and experimenting with the visual arts in one of the selected cities Sousse (October – December 2024), Barcelona (January – February 2025) and Algiers (April – June 2025), where they will be accompanied by the curator appointed for this edition, as well as by a local mediator.

Each stage of the residency will include a programme of meetings between the artists and the curator, as well as between the artists and the mediator, to offer them opportunities to share and learn more about the artistic contexts of each city. The artists also commit to present their research in a public event at the end of their residency.

The organisers will cover accommodation and travel expenses (one return ticket). They will also provide the working space, participate in the production of the works, be responsible for the general communication of the project and cover the costs of the opening. Each of the six selected artists will receive an honorarium of 1,500 EUR and a subsistence allowance of 1,200 EUR for the two-month stay. They will also have a maximum budget of 500 EUR for research and production. Each of the three mediators will receive an honorarium of 1,000 EUR and an amount of 500 EUR to cover additional expenses during the residency period (mobility, communication and other expenses).

Deadline: 15 July 2024

More info and apply: https://jiser.org/es/project/convocatoria-residencias-jiser-2024-2025/

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