How Nigeria can use crypto companies to its advantage

Our guest on today’s podcast is Ray Youssef, CEO, NoOnes. We discuss Nigeria’s recent clampdown on Binance and crypto and what happened with his last company, Paxful.
But before that, we highlight  a few stories from this week.

BuuPass acquires QuickBus
CBN stops Moniepoint, Kuda, OPay from opening new accounts
MTN Nigeria records first loss since 2021 IPO

Link to Insight of the Week:
00:00 – Intro
Recap of the news
Thoughts on the clampdown
Did P2P really cause the fall of the naira?
Did Binance make money from P2P?
Is the Nigerian government justified in going after Binance?
The real numbers for crypto in Nigeria
Consequences of the clampdown
The real crypto scammers
The double-edged sword of licencing requirements
NoOnes’ role
The importance of P2P
What went wrong with Paxful
How NoOnes will redeem the Paxful failure
Possible challenges for NoOnes
Useful links

Kenyan BuuPass acquires QuickBus to expand to Nigeria and South Africa
CBN stops account openings for Kuda, Moniepoint, OPay
Q1 2024: MTN Nigeria’s userbase sinks, loses ₦656.4 billion in foreign exchange

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