14th Bamako Encounters: The African Biennale of Photography (Mali)

The 14th Bamako Encounters – The African Biennale of Photography will be held from 16 November 2024 to 15 January 2025 in Bamako, Mali. This call is open to artists from the African world and its diaspora – photographers and videographers, amateurs or professionals, alone or in groups, with no limit of age or nationality. This 14th edition celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Biennale.

This year’s theme will focus on KUMA, the Speech, the Silence and the Noise. Photography has the power to make an image speak, to convey emotions, ideas and messages. A picture can tell a thousand stories, transmit emotions, ideas and messages through the sheer force of the moment captured, by the framing, the light or the staging.

The 14th Bamako Encounters invites artists to explore new forms, experiment with dialogues in between word and image, and give visual existence to moments of speech, eloquence, anger, hope, recollection, silence, cacophony and noise.

Projects will be evaluated on the basis of their artistic quality and relevance. The final selection of artists will be communicated by email during the month of May 2024. The selection committee, chaired by the artistic director, is made up of the Biennale’s associate curators and artistic advisors.

Registration is free of charge. Selected artists are invited to attend the Biennale’s professional days, with airfare, visa and accommodation expenses covered.

Deadline: 31 March 2024

More info and apply: https://contemporaryand.com/exhibition/14th-bamako-encounters-the-african-biennal-of-photography/

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