Starting soon … our next school project

We are thrilled to be able to announce that a couple of our supporters have offered to fund another school building project this year.  It will take place at a small village called Peere, in the Adamawa Region.

Until recently the school (Ecole Publique parent de Mayo-Linwa, with a current enrolment of 361 children) was housed in a small building made from mud blocks, unplastered and with no weatherproof roof.  This was blown down quite recently by high winds so the community has  put up some temporary grass shelters to act as classrooms for now.  The grass roofs offer some shade from the sun but are not adequate to keep out the rain, and the dirt floors, on which the children have to sit, harbour jigger fleas which burrow under the toe-nails of the children to lay their eggs.  This really is not a conducive environment for primary education.

Temporary grass and pole classrooms

Peere is a very poor village and not able to afford the industrial materials needed to construct a durable, hygienic, weatherproof school building, so an application was made to SHUMAS for help.  Everyone was so excited to learn that their application had been successful that they immediately set about preparing the land for foundations and making all the necessary mud-blocks to form the basis of the new classroom block.  We are delighted to be able to help.


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