Realme C67 debuts in South Africa with 108MP camera and R7,500 pricetag

Remember when Realme dropped a special edition Naruto-themed smartphone? Probably not, because the Chinese smartphone brand hadn’t yet established itself in South Africa. No matter, we’ve since absolved ourselves of any salty residuals, instead focussing on the company’s recent efforts. Say hello to the Realme C67.

Teetering on the good end of ‘mid-range’, the C67 is Realme’s latest smartphone to land on South Africa’s shelves. It’ll fetch R7,500 or R400/m if you pick it up on an MTN contract. Customers under the Vodacom umbrella will have to wait until April, unfortunately.

No fakers here

If you asked Realme, they’d tell you this is a great smartphone for “trendsetters everywhere”. If you asked us, we’d tell you it seems like a great smartphone for anyone sporting less than five digits in their bank account although we’ll need to get our hands on one to confirm that. It certainly helps that the C67 features one of the largest main camera sensors you can get in a mid-range device, clocking in at 108MP. The Snapdragon 685 processor, 8GB of RAM and up to 256GB storage specs aren’t shabby, either.

One downside of this particular Qualcomm chip is the lack of 5G support. It’ll hit those 4G notes just fine, but in a land where 2G and 3G are on the chopping block, we’d have liked to see a tad more support included.

It might lack the gaming chops necessary to run PUGB Mobile at the highest settings, but less-intensive titles will benefit from the C67’s 90Hz on offer from the 6.72in LCD display.

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Realme’s blown most of the budget to get the C67’s camera spec into triple-digit territory. In turn, the accompanying macro and selfie shooters took a minor hit, brandishing 2MP and 8Mp sensors respectively. It might be worth familiarising yourself better with the phone’s other end for an Instagram-worthy post.

The second most notable feature is the 5,000mAh battery lodged inside. Not only does it put the C67 on par with Samsung’s finest, but it actually beats the Galaxy S24 and S24+ with its 33W charging capabilities. Whether the on-paper victories translate into real-world usage remains to be seen. But for R7,500 we doubt there’ll be many complaints.

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