On the Day of the African Child, join us in shining a spotlight on their learning

Today, on the Day of the African Child, we invite you to stand alongside the GEM Report and our partners, the Association for the Development of Education in Africa and the African Union, in calling for foundational learning to be made a priority across the African continent.

Join us in spreading the word about the day with other organizations and colleagues so that we can demonstrate a powerful groundswell of support, demanding urgent attention to this critical issue.

Visit the campaign page for more information

Three easy ways to get involved:

1. Share online and tell us what you are doing in your work to support foundational learning and tag #BorntoLearn. Feel free to include a link to your work, and we will strive to share and amplify it on our channels. Use the hashtag #BorntoLearn to amplify your impact and contribute to a powerful collective voice advocating for foundational learning for all.

2. Take a photo, forming an ‘L’ for Learning using your thumb and forefinger and share on social media using the hashtag #BorntoLearn. This simple gesture will serve as a visual identifier for the movement as a whole.

3. Twitter event – Hear ministers and youth champions from across the continent tell us how they are shining a spotlight on foundational learning.

Join our Twitter space with youth leaders from across the continent to amplify efforts to promote foundational learning, address challenges, and celebrate successes. We’ll be joined by partners including ministers of education and heads of agencies, culminating in a live #BorntoLearn campaign action.

Join us live today at 15.00 CET on @GEMReport to listen to the discussions.

Let’s harness the power of social media and the Day of the African Child to demonstrate our collective commitment to education. Share your message, make an ‘L’ for Learning, and be part of the #BorntoLearn movement.


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