Economic Empowerment for Education in the Far North Region

Once again, with support from our funders, we have been able to help impoverished women who are the lone heads of households,  establish livelihoods for themselves and thus be able to feed their families and send their children to school. This year we have been able to help 50 women in the Far North Region get training in Small Business Management and have funded the purchase of start-up materials for their businesses, mainly the buying and selling of  foodstuffs.  This group of women, most of whom have been traumatised by Gender Based Violence from marauding terrorists and left abandoned, will be supported and monitored by SHUMAS staff whilst their businesses get established and their children’s progress in school will also be monitored.  This is a really important step for these women to become empowered economically and be able to restart their lives.  They will be encouraged to form self-help groups and savings co-operatives to ensure the growth of their businesses.

Below is a clip of video taken at the handover of this project which was transmitted on national TV in Cameroon in December 2023.

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